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Ames 4000RP and Ames 5000RPDA are reduced pressure backflow assemblies. The 4" and 6" were discontinued in 1995. The 8" and 10" were discontinued in 2005. The bodies are welded steel which are fused epoxy coated. The internal check parts are stainless steel. with the check seats constructed of bronze. Special tools are required for proper repair. First check uses a tower mount design which requires the tong tool for proper repair. The second check uses a side mount check mechanism which requires a retainer clip tool for proper repair. The check springs are contained when the covers are removed. Check seats are replaceable and a seat removal tool is required to change them. The check mechanism uses a knuckle joint design. The checks are vulcanized clapper plates instead of rubber discs. The relief valve spring is not contained. The relief valve body is removable from the check body and has an external sensing line.

This model is currenlty obsolete! Some parts do remain, please call for availability:

Chicago Office: (866) 836-8692

Dallas Office: (866) 562-7740

Detroit Office: (844) 727-8742

Indianapolis Office: (877) 353-4386

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