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Includes Air Gaps for all models, Bypass Assemblies, Test Cocks etc.


  • Air Gaps

    Air Gaps

    The Apollo Air Gap Drain (AGD4A) is designed to funnel minor discharges from a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer’s relief valve due to line pressure fluctuations and/or minor check valve fouling, into the drainage system. Drain piping is easily attached to the AGD4A’s threaded bottom outlet and have the additional option of using the outlet OD to glue on a coupling using the appropriate cement or the use of a flexible pipe coupling.

     Note: The AGD4A is NOT designed to collect the full discharge capacity of the relief valve.

  • Bypass Accessories

    Bypass Accessories

    Apollo Bypass Accessories include single check bypass assemblies for their Type 2 Bypass, full backflow assemblies for their Type 1 Bypass, as well as water meters etc.
  • Shut Off Valves

    Shut Off Valves

    Apollo backflow preventers use American made Kennedy Gate Valves for all their OSY and NRS shut off valves. For butterfly valves Apollo uses Victaulic tampered shut off valves.
  • Test Cocks

    Test Cocks

    Test Cocks allow you to test and maintain all models of backflow devices. From sizes of 1/8"-3/4" making sure your test cocks are always clear of debris will help with accurate backflow testing and repair.
  • Valve Setters

    Valve Setters

    The 2 ½” – 12” Valve Setter shall be an Apollo Model 4AN FS, MJFS, or MJS. The setter assembly shall be epoxy coated ductile iron with SS trim and shall be a three-piece assembly to aid in easier installation. These valve setters are designed to simplify the installation of Apollo’s 4AN Backflow Preventers by eliminating the need for thrust blocks between elbows.

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