Customer Portal

Allow your customers to help themselves online

  • Schedule backflow tests

  • Pay for backflow tests

  • View past test reports

  • Update contact information

Strengthen Your Web Presence

Every day people are looking for ways to help themselves on the internet. They want the convenience of being able to perform tasks such as scheduling appointments, paying bills and viewing past test reports at their own leisure. We can help provide these services to your customers.

Based on your company name, we will provide a unique URL for a Customer Portal that can be customized to represent your company. If you have a website now, you can easily add a button to direct your users to the Portal. Or if you don't have a website, we can help you turn the Portal into one. 

Personalize Your Customer Portal

You can upload your company logo, background image, and tagline to display on your Customer Portal. With optional text blocks, there is a lot of space for additional information about your company. Whether you have 6 pricing options or one, we can accommodate all of them.