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Vacuum Breakers

  • 710 / 715

    710 / 715

    Febco Series 710, 715 Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers assure positive protection against backsiphonage of impure water into the main supply in the event that pressure loss causes vacuum conditions. Series 710, 715 is ideal for hose bibs, chemical vats, X-ray tanks, turf irrigation systems, and laboratory sinks. They feature a bronze body and lightweight plastic poppets. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi

  • 765


    Febco 765 is a pressure vacuum breaker assembly (765 PVB). Production of the Febco 765 began in 1975. The Febco 765 has a bronze body. The check seats are not replaceable. Check springs are contained on the 1/2"-1 1/4" size when the bonnet is removed. The 1 1/2"-2" check spring is not contained.

  • LF767FR


    Febco Series LF767FR Lead Free* Freeze-Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breakers are designed to prevent backsiphonage of contaminated water under continuous pressure into the potable water supply. Its superior design protects the valve body and internal components during sudden freeze conditions. Water inside the PVB freezes from the outside-inward. As the ice forms and expands causing a buildup of pressure, the LF767FR relieves the pressure through a unique relief valve built into the plastic float. Test cocks are positioned at the lowest point of the valve for winterization draining. They feature a bronze body. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi

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