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Includes Airgaps, Ball Valves, Bypass Assemblies, Test Cocks etc...


  • Air Gaps

    Air Gaps

    Ames Air Gaps are for Reduce Pressure Zone Assemblies ranging from the Colt-Maxim Series to the Silver Bullet Series Backflow Assembly Devices.

  • Bypass Accessories

    Bypass Accessories

    Bypass Accessories include full bypass units for Silver Bullet Series and Colt-Maxim Series, bypass meters, tail pieces etc.
  • Test Cocks

    Test Cocks

    Test Cocks allow you to test and maintain all models of backflow devices. From sizes of 1/8"-3/4" making sure your test cocks are always clear of debris will help with accurate backflow testing and repair.

  • Vent Elbows

    Vent Elbows

    Ames Series Vent Elbows are used with air gaps for a vertical installation on Ames model 400B, LF400B, 4000B, and LF4000B.

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