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Includes Air Gaps, Bypass Assemblies, Valve Setters Test Cocks etc.


  • Air Gaps

    Air Gaps

    Watts Series Air Gaps are for Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies and help provide an unobstructed, physical separation between the discharge end of a potable water supply line and the drain. The installation of an air gap and drain line are recommended on reduced pressure zone assemblies. Air Gaps can be installed vertically or horizontally (vent elbow required for vertical installation.)

  • Ball Valves

    Ball Valves

    Watts Series Ball Valves are all currently Lead Free and comply with all lead free requirements. The inlet ball valve will consist of a single test cock while the outlet ball valve will not. The same series ball valves are installed on all Watts Backflow Products sizes 2" and smaller.
  • Bypass Accessories

    Bypass Accessories

    Watts bypass assemblies consist of a water meter, either in Gallons Per Minute or Cubic Feet, a backflow device Watts Series 007, 709, 719, 009, 909, or 919 and help meter the flow of water on a fire protection system. All water meters on Watts bypass units are made by Badger Meters.
  • Shut Off Valves

    Shut Off Valves

    Watts Series shut off valves are either OSY, NRS or tampered butterfly valves. Made in sizes 2 1/2"-12" and are series 405, 406 or 408 flanged assemblies. Watts uses Victaulic butterfly valves on all units used for fire protection.
  • Strainers
  • Test Cocks

    Test Cocks

    Test Cocks allow you to test and maintain all models of backflow devices. From sizes of 1/8"-3/4" making sure your test cocks are always clear of debris will help with accurate backflow testing and repair.

  • Valve Setters

    Valve Setters

    Watts Series Valve setters are designed for the 757N, 757DCDAN, 957N and 957RPDAN series backflow devices. They are lead free and made in mechanical joint, regular flanged versions, as well as for use with butterfly valve units.

  • Vent Elbows

    Vent Elbows

    Watts Series Vent Elbows are used with their Watts 909 air gap assemblies. When the Watts Series 909 is installed in a verticle position as approved, the use of a vent elbow is necessary to divert water towards the apporiate drain.

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