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Reduce Pressure Detector Assemblies

  • 909RPDA / LF909RPDA

    909RPDA / LF909RPDA

    Watts 909 Backflow Preventer is a reduced pressure backflow assembly). Production of the Watts 909 began in 1979. The Watts 909 3/4"-3" size body is constructed of bronze. The Watts 909 2 1/2"-10" size check body is cast iron with a fused epoxy coating. The Watts 909 2 1/2" and 3" are available in bronze and cast iron. The model Watts 909M1 was introduced in 1989 in the 3/4"-2" and 4"-10" sizes. The Watts 909 design had a bronze relief valve body. In the Watts 909M1 modification the relief body was changed to fused epoxy coated cast iron. The relief valve spring assembly was also changed. In the 8"-10" 909M1 sizes there was a change in the relief valve body. The relief valve utilizes the internal parts of the 4"-6" 909 unit. In the Watts 909M1 series the relief valve rubber repair parts will be the same in 4"-10". The check seats are replaceable and springs are contained when the covers are removed. The 2 1/2"-10" has an external relief valve sensing line and the relief valve body can be detached from the check body on these sizes.


  • 957RPDA / 957RPDAN LF957RPDA / LF957NRPDA

    957RPDA / 957RPDAN LF957RPDA / LF957NRPDA

    Watts 957RPDA is a reduced pressure detector assembly. This model manufactured by Hunter from 2000-2002. In 2002 Watts bought the Hunter models and began production as the model 957. This model is also the Ames model C400. The body is stainless steel tubing. To access the check components a movable sleeve is mounted over the access cover. On the 2 1/2"-6" size the sleeve slides over the body to access the check components. On the 8"-10" size the sleeve is attached by two grooved couplings. The checks are modular and constructed of Noryl plastic. The check has a torsion spring which is contained when the check module is removed from the body. The check spring must be extended and controlled with a pin or screwdriver to replace the check disc. The check disc may be either an EPDM or silicone rubber. The body length dimensions may be up to 1" shorter than shown on versions produced before 2003.


  • 994RPDA


    Watts 994 is a reduced pressure assembly. Production began in 1998. In 1997 the Watts Company purchased the Ames Company and began marketing the Ames 4000 SS as the Watts 994. The body is made of stainless steel with a single access cover. The check design is modular. In the 2 1/2"-6" size the check assemblies are not field repairable and the whole check module must be replaced for repair. The check is made of glass filled Noryl and is cam operated. The relief valve is attached to the check body by threads and uses an external sensing line.


  • 990RPDA / 992RPDA

    990RPDA / 992RPDA

    Watts 990RPDA is a reduced pressure detector assembly. The Watts 990 Backflow Preventer was discontinued in 1997. The checks are made of ductile iron with fused epoxy coating. The check is a toggle linkage mechanism. The check springs are contained. The spring tension must be released to repair the assembly. The bronze check seats are replaceable but a seat removal tool is needed. Vulcanized clapper plates are used to seal the checks. The relief valve body bronze and is attached to the check body by a threaded pipe connection. The relief seat is replaceable. An external relief valve sensing line is used. The shutoffs on the 992 had flange dimensions different than a standard sized shutoff.

    This series is currently Obsolete!


  • 995RPDA


    Watts 995RPDA is a reduce pressure detector assembly. Discontinued in 2003. In the 1/2"-1 1/2"" size the body is nickel plated copper. There is a single cover for the checks. The checks are modular. Springs are contained and the seats are replaceable. The check modules thread into the body. The relief valve is attached to the check body by a union and utilizes an external sensing line. The 3"-6" size have a stainless steel body. The checks are modular and are accessed from a single access cover. The checks are repairable and screw into the body. The relief valve is pressurized from an external sensing line.

    This model is currenlty obsolete! Some parts do remain, please call for availability:

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