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Wilkins Accessories include strainers, Air Gaps, Bypass Assemblies etc.


  • Air Gaps

    Air Gaps

    Wilkins Air Gap Drain (AG) is designed to funnel minor discharges from a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer and its relief valve due to line pressure fluctuations and/or minor check valve fouling, into the drainage system. Drain piping is easily attached to the AG threaded bottom outlet.


  • Ball Valves

    Ball Valves

    Wilkins ball valves are lead free, with a union and non union option. 375 Series backflow device does not use the 850 series ball valves.


  • Bypass Accessories

    Bypass Accessories

    Wilkins bypass items available for 350DA, 450DA, 375DA, and 475DA backflow assemblies. Wilkins has used a varity of Neptune and Badger Meter products on their bypass assemblies.
  • Shut Off Valves

    Shut Off Valves

    Wilkins shut off valves are currently CLOW series as well as Wilkins manufactured series Gate Valves. Wilkins uses their own butterfly gate valve for all tampered shut offs and have discontinued the use of Vitaulic 7B2 butterfly valve in 2014.


  • Strainers


    Wilkins 2 1/2" - 10" Strainers are fused epoxy coated inside and out, they also offer a painted cast iron strainer inside and out. The 1/2"-2" strainers are lead free bronze and are threaded.


  • Test Cocks

    Test Cocks

    Test Cocks allow you to test and maintain all models of backflow devices. From sizes of 1/8"-3/4" making sure your test cocks are always clear of debris will help with accurate backflow testing and repair.
  • Valve Setters

    Valve Setters

    Wilkins Series Valve setters are designed for the 450, 450DA, 475, and 475DA series backflow devices. They are lead free and made in mechanical joint and regular flanged versions


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