Includes Air Gaps, Bypass Assemblies, Valve Setters Test Cocks etc.

  • Air Gaps

    Air Gaps

    Watts Series Air Gaps are for Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies and help provide an unobstructed, physical separation ...
  • Ball Valves

    Ball Valves

    Watts Series Ball Valves are all currently Lead Free and comply with all lead free requirements. The inlet ball valv...
  • Bypass Accessories

    Bypass Accessories

    Watts bypass assemblies consist of a water meter, either in Gallons Per Minute or Cubic Feet, a backflow device Watts...
  • Shut Off Valves

    Shut Off Valves

    Watts Series shut off valves are either OSY, NRS or tampered butterfly valves. Made in sizes 2 1/2"-12" and are seri...
  • Strainers


       Downloads: Specification Guide 777SI Specification Guide 77F-SS / 77G-SS
  • Test Cocks

    Test Cocks

    Test Cocks allow you to test and maintain all models of backflow devices. From sizes of 1/8"-3/4" making sure your te...
  • Valve Setters

    Valve Setters

    Watts Series Valve setters are designed for the 757N, 757DCDAN, 957N and 957RPDAN series backflow devices. They are l...
  • Vent Elbows

    Vent Elbows

    Watts Series Vent Elbows are used with their Watts 909 air gap assemblies. When the Watts Series 909 is installed in ...

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