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Watts 775 is a double check assembly. Production began in 1998. The 3"-6" were discontinued in 2003. In the 1/2"-2" size the body is made of nickel plated copper. There is a single cover. The checks are modular. The check modules thread into the body. The 3"-8" body is made of stainless steel. The checks are modular The check modules are repairable and thread into the body. In the 3"-8" size there is a 775N model which uses two stainless steel elbows mounted between the backflow preventer flange and shutoff flange.

This model is currenlty obsolete! No parts remain, please call for availability on replacement device:

Chicago Office: (866) 836-8692

Dallas Office: (866) 562-7740

Detroit Office: (844) 727-8742

Indianapolis Office: (877) 353-4386

Denver Office (844) 622-0186



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