Backflow Testing Refresher Course (SMALL GROUP) - Max 10 attendees per class
This course is focused on refreshing the Cross-Connection Control Inspector on testing procedures as they were taught by Southern Illinois University. The State of Illinois has instituted a three (3) year recertification program for all Cross-Connection Control Inspectors, and this course will be a refresher for the exam.

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LARGE BACKFLOW REPAIR (SMALL GROUP) - Max 12 attendees per class
Small group backflow repair class. Classes will consist of 3 individual groups working with an individual instructor to do hands on testing, diagnosis, and repair of large backflow assemblies only. The repair class will involve repairing of the following backflow assemblies: 909 Large Valve Series – 880 / 860 Febco Large Valve Series – Wilkins 375 Large Valve Series

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Automatic Control Valve – Introductory (SMALL GROUP) - Max 12 attendees per class
This class will have classroom instruction as well as hands-on live simulations for the proper operation of an Automatic Control Valve. We will go through the basics for sizing, commission, proper application, and repair. Our introductory class to Automatic Control Valves is an entry level class that will consist of the following:

1. Types of Automatic Control Valves

2. Basic Components and Operation

3. Proper Sizing and Sizing Problems

4. How to Commission an Automatic Control Valve Properly

5. Repair Parts / How to Repair

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