Training Courses Offered:

- ASSE and State Backflow Tester Certification

- Backflow Tester Refresher

- Backflow Repair

- Utility Cross Connection Control Specialist Training

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We strongly recommend students without a technical background in plumbing or other related fields to contact Test Gauge before registering for the backflow certification course. We strongly encourage student to obtain their Training Materials prior to attending the backflow certification course.


 Training Course Scope

Test Gauge Inc. provides a 40 hour backflow tester certification course designed to comply with the State criteria's for becoming a certified backflow tester in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and ASSE national certifications. All instruction course materials are derived from backflow industry accepted standards including the University of Southern California (USC), The American Society of Sanitary Engineering's (ASSE), and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Also included within this backflow training course are backflow regulatory requirements required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), State and Local Regulations, State Plumbing Code, State Fire Code, and State Department of Health regulations.