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Our East Dundee, Illinois training facility opened in 2008 with a capacity to train 23 students per class 

We offer three different types of CEU training
          Backflow Repair Course



Rick has been on the training team since 2012. He is on several committees that help develop the Plumbing and Backflow Code. Our students are kept up to date on code changes based off of what Rick is provided through the committees he is a part of

Matt began as a trainer in 2015 and has been a licensed plumber since 2001. He is a plumber of Record for the CEU classes held at the East Dundee location. Matt is very knowledgeable about parts and technical support for the techs in the field

Curt joined the CEU training team in 2018. He has several years of experience as a Backflow Technician that helps him connect to what our students are experiencing in the field. Curt is also listed as a Plumber of Record for our CEU courses.