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Test Gauge’s staff has numerous years of experience in the backflow industry. Our primary goal is to train the best backflow technicians in the business. We offer comprehensive courses and hands-on training carefully designed to prepare novice and experienced testers for real life experiences. Our comprehensive wet lab and large sized training valves feature numerous makes and models of backflow assemblies to help students learn backflow testing.

Our students are provided with ample opportunity to practice their testing ability, as well as troubleshooting on multiple malfunctioning backflow preventers. We also provide an assortment of test gauges for students to learn with during class. Most classes are conducted in the Indianapolis training classroom. However, throughout the year we conduct training at various other locations. For information about scheduling a special class for a group of 10 or more contact our office at  317-786-8990 .

Test Gauge's training instructors are always working hard to make our classes informative and interesting. We know that you have choices when it comes to selecting a backflow training school. We want every student to feel that he or she has made an excellent decision by choosing our backflow training class. We look forward to having you at our next backflow training class. You'll learn backflow testing and repair by successfully completing our IDEM approved 40 hour backflow training course.

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Training Courses

              Backflow State Certification / Indiana / Ohio / Kentucky / ASSE

              Backflow Repair Course

              Recurrent Backflow Refresher Education

              Utility Cross Connection Control Specialist Certification 

              Backflow Tester Re-Certification Training for  ASSE, Ohio and Kentucky


Backflow Certification Approvals

American Society of Sanitary Engineering

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Blue Grass Cross Connection Prevention Association

Kentucky Association of Master Contractors 

Ohio Department of Commerce