We strongly recommend students without a technical background in plumbing or other related fields to contact Test Gauge before registering for the backflow certification course. We strongly encourage student to obtain their Training Materials prior to attending the backflow certification course.

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Classes start promptly at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM

Day 1
The first day of class will include all classroom training with all the training material derived from the Test Gauge
Inc. Study Guide and Ohio Department of Commerce Backflow Manual, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Backflow Manual, Federal and State code and American Association of Sanitary Engineering.

Topics to be covered:
> Basic backflow understanding
> Water fluid hydraulics
> Regulations pertaining to backflow and cross connection control
> Backflow installation
> Cross connection control Liabilities
> Cross connection control programs
> On-site inspections
> Basic knowledge of backflow assemblies

Day 2
> Hands on backflow repair training on backflow assemblies.
> Properly testing the reduce pressure principal backflow assembly in our wet lab.
> Troubleshooting techniques for the reduce pressure principal assembly
> Properly testing a double check backflow prevention assembly.
> Troubleshooting techniques for a double check backflow prevention assembly

Day 3
> Testing of a pressure vacuum breaker assembly in our wet lab.
> Troubleshooting techniques for the pressure vacuum breaker.
> Properly testing a spill resistant vacuum breaker in the wet lab.
> Troubleshooting techniques for the spill resistant vacuum breaker.
> Practice in the wet lab testing and troubleshooting testable backflow prevention assemblies.
> Review of test material

State requires a minimum of 24 hours shall be attended by each student in order to be eligible to become a
backflow tester.

The 24 hours minimum must be met by the student in order to be eligible to take the Ohio Backflow Tester State
exam scheduled on the 3rd Monday of every Month, unless a holiday falls on the 3rd Monday and exam will be held
the following day.

A practical exam will be conducted on the 3 day of the training course.
Students must pass the practical exam in order to receive a certificate of completion issue by Test Gauge Inc.

During the practical exam student will have 2 attempts to properly test each backflow assembly (DC, PVB, SVB
and RP) per the required testing procedures. Pass or fail is at the discretion of the proctor conducting the exam.
Should the student fail during the first attempt, student will be notified of the reason for failure and then conduct
their second test. Failing the 2nd practical exam will require the student to repeat the entire 24 hour course and
disqualifying the failing student from being eligible to continue onto the state written exam.

Students successfully passing the 24 hour backflow approved state backflow course will be issued a Certificate of
completion to verifying they have met the minimal requirements established by the State of Ohio.